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The X-CS20F is a circuit designed specifically for the control of to 20 servos of them used in R/C model, its use is as simple as to send commands al I modulate through the bus RS232 whether since a PC or since another system µControlled.

The circuit is governed for 2 µControllers and has 96 reception buffer bytes, the broadcast of data itself to to do to 19200 bps 8n1 with what some are obtained good times of answer of the circuit.

The positioncan be controlled of the 20 servos independently in 216 different positions with a precision of 1ş calibrable so much in precision of movement as in maximum ranks and minimum of movement, since the program X-Servosecuenciador.


  • Power supply : 5V CC

  • Current : 15mA
  • Comunication bus type : RS232 (only reception)
  • Serial port configuration : 19200bps 8n1
  • Internal buffer : Yes, 96 bytes FIFO
  • Chip Select : Yes, reconfigurable from bus.
  • Dimensions : 71 x 60 mm. Upper maximum 20mm.
  • -----------------------------------------------------------------
  • Frecuency out PWM : 50 Hz
  • Duty cycle minimum : De 0,2 mS a 1mS
  • Duty cycle maximum : Clerk of minimum and precision
  • Rank of precision a degree : De 9,2µS a 13µS programmable
  • Maximum precision : 200nS
  • Value PWM initial  : Reprogrammable from bus.


The content of the module

X-CS20F/232 is shown in the enclosed photography and is comprised of the following parts:


1 -Circuit X-CS20F fully mounted and test

1 -Handbook of use.

1 -Adapter RJ12 to Sub-D9

1,5 mts. of cable of communication.



Manual of use

Manual in format PDF (241Kb)

Operation Videos

Control program for PC





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